Requests for V1.7

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Requests for V1.7

Postby prodman » Tue Jan 05, 2010 2:01 pm

1. Add an event that is called if a word appears to be incorrectly spelled:

function IsWordCorrect(word as string) as boolean

The app could then implement this event and use its own logic to determine if the word is correct (returning TRUE). This is important if the text being checked contains weird specialised words.

2. Be able to disable spell checking on individual MagicSpellerTAs by means of a boolean property that can be set at runtime.

3. Rather than using non-standard event names in MagicSpellerTA, redefine the standard events and re-raise them where necessary from your internal event handlers.

4. Have an option to let end-users decrypt and modify the source code (which would take care of the above requests :^)
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