Customizing PsychBook CMS

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Customizing PsychBook CMS

Postby infiniteline » Mon Mar 08, 2010 2:24 pm

PsychBook CMS has a number of default values that can be customized to meet the needs and preferences of providers. Some of these are evident in the options window (preferences window for Macintosh); including the number of fields present in the session notes window, whether or not psychotherapeutic "impressions" are printed with other session no documentation, and a note for clients included on printed bills.

However, a number of other labels are editable by accessing a file called "default strings" that PsychBook CMS refers to when it opens. These labels include options for mental staus groupings, session note "quick-quotes", location codes, and session note field descriptions.

This file is located in different locations depending on what computer platform you're using. If you're using the Windows platform this file is located at (this file may be invisible depending on your viewing settings and may need to be made visible through the Folder Options control panel):

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user\AppData\Roaming\PsychBook CMS\Default Strings.txt

On the Macintosh platform:

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user:Library:Application Support:PsychBook CMS:Default Strings.txt

This file can be opened in a standard text editor (WordPad, TextEdit, etc.). Once opened, we see that each line contains a number of values for a particular item. These items are enclosed in these brackets:

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</* */>

The wording within the brackets cannot be change without causing errors in the PsychBook CMS application. These bracketed headings describe a section in PsychBook CMS that has a value or values following the heading, each of which are separated by an asterix.

For example, the following line in the default strings file defines the values for the "Appearance" pop-up menu in the mental status area of the session notes window.

Code: Select all
</*Appearance*/>Well-Groomed*Unremarkable*Looks Stated Age*Disheveled*Inappropriate*Bizarre

If we change "well-groomed" to "neat", these changes will be reflected in the PsychBook CMS application when it is next launched.

All mental staus headings and the location code heading can have multiple values (separated by an asterix). Other headings (e.g., note fields, cancellation quick quotes, etc.) can only have a single value.

If you have questions about customization, please post them on the "Support" area of the PsychBook CMS forum or email us at "".
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