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printing problems on upgrade

PostPosted: Wed Apr 16, 2014 6:56 am
by nancyprugh
I requested help for printing problems originally last Wednesday. I have not had contact but once from support telling me to check the page set up. Page set up is proper with no resolution for the printing problems. Since my upgrade, my progress notes print lines on top of each other. Copy and pasted into textedit and they printed fine, so my theory is there is a problem within the software. I am not highly skilled with computers and rely on the customer service for help. Unfortunately, I have had little response from support - even a comment that the problem is being worked on would help.

I am discouraged with the upgrade and now have a week's worth of progress notes that are illegible and will need to be fixed once the problem is resolved.

I upgraded for two years which was a mistake and would like a refund of the upgrade and want to revert to the previous version - I will not upgrade again and am thinking I need to find another software that has better customer support.

I have posted details of my problem as well as emailed to support for help - to no avail.