Self-pay client features

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Self-pay client features

Postby carltonwhitehead » Sun Sep 01, 2013 9:29 pm

I'd like to make several requests that will hopefully improve the experience billing self-pay clients.

  • Client default service type. It looks like this has been requested already at
  • In session billing tab, update client responsibility amount upon service type change. Currently, only the total amount is updated, and the client responsibility amount remains the same amount as the originally selected charge unless the user manually corrects it. Since the billing tab is not open by default, this can easily lead to erroneous insurance amounts due if each session is not manually corrected.
  • Application-wide setting option to default new clients to self-pay. For practices who deal with mostly self-pay clients, it currently requires a visit to the Sessions/Payments tab for the majority of clients which could otherwise be avoided.
  • Application-wide setting option to auto-create self-pay authorization for self-pay clients upon new client creation
  • Infinite session limit authorization option for self-pay clients
  • Default the "apply to client responsibility" checkbox to checked if authorization is self-pay when adding a payment to a session via the session billing tab
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